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What Our Clients & Partners Say...

What Our Clients Are Saying

Anyone interested in working with this Mortgage Lender should read this review,
especially if you are skeptical about using a mortgage broker in lieu of a
mainstream lender. My realtor referred me to Andrew and we spoke on the
phone for about 30 minutes to re-hash the pre-approval application (in short, my
initial pre-approval process did not go well). Shortly thereafter, he sent out our
pre-approval letter for a conventional loan at a few thousand dollars over the
asking price. Our offer was subsequently accepted. During this process, Andrew
was attentive, courteous and, importantly, time-efficient. However, at this point I
was very skeptical about using a mortgage broker. I hadn’t done any research on
mortgage brokers and how they operate in the post-recession era in mortgage
lending, and I certainly didn’t want to get scammed. I was surprised to see that
Andrew had nearly 60 five-star reviews, out of about 61. I asked him specifically
about his reviews and we spoke briefly about how important they are for
purposes of vetting your home-buying team. I was almost satisfied at this point,
pending a response to my question regarding how he is paid. Ultimately, I
learned that Andrew is paid directly by the lender whom he ultimately procures
the mortgage and the note for. For a potential borrower with limited cash, this
was a huge plus. Over the course of the next 2 ½ weeks (he closed my loan in
just under 3 weeks) Andrew proved to be an indispensable part of my team. We
exchanged hundreds of emails during every stage of the loan application and
closing process. At first, I was presented with eight or nine different conventional
loan products ranging from 1% to 5% down with various interest rates. When I
learned that my income precluded me from participating in one of the 1%
programs, Andrew worked directly with the bank and was able to get that
product approved for me. I have no doubt in my mind that another lender would
not have even offered me that product, much less make a special
accommodation for me to participate in that program—another upside of having
a mortgage broker work on your behalf. Although my cash to close changed
dramatically as a result of my negotiations with the Seller, I can say with
certainty that Andrew was up front about the money that was expected to come
out of my pocket and he addressed every concern I had about where each
specific line item was coming from. I have rarely, if ever, worked with anyone
who was as accessible and responsive as Andrew. He is available nearly any
time of day, probably seven days a week (we worked together on Sundays). I
can’t express how grateful I am for Andrew’s services; he played an instrumental
role in putting me in my first house. I would recommend Andrew ten times out of
ten, and if I am ever in this process again, he will be the first person I call

What Realtors Are Saying

Dear Andrew – you’ve been nothing but awesome to work with.
I hate to admit this, but you’ve even topped most of our in house lenders
with your service and attention to detail. The biggest thing is you close
ahead of schedule and under budget (for the borrower!) Thank you for
that. Send those business cards to my home address please which is
XXXX XXXX XX Ruskin FL 33573.
Andre’ Ciappetta / Community Sales Manager
Venetian at Bay Park/Vineyard Reserve/Tuscany Bay
Highland Homes

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